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Infrared Imaging

Infrared imaging or scanning is the process of measuring energy in the infrared band of light.  A special detector is used to measure and then the results are displayed.  Different colors can be used to show different levels of heat so we can understand what we are seeing.  We call them infrared cameras for the show us a picture.  Today’s cameras usually can take a regular picture also and save both images for later review.

Infrared scanning is a diagnostic tool for finding problems. The process is nondestructive, noncontact and a cost effective way to detect and document problems.  It has been said that one dollar spent on infrared diagnostics will save four dollars in repairs.  In our homes, infrared imaging can detect where insulation is missing or lacking.  It can show the results of a water leak in walls, floors or ceilings and tell you exactly how far the wetness extends. In our electrical circuit breaker panels it can show hot spots that can result from a loose connection or a circuit drawing excessive amounts of current. 

Our local power co-op uses infrared scanning to detect where maintence may be needed before an outage occurs.  The same goes for industrial operations.  A thermal scan of equipment can be compared to a known good scan to show pending failures.  In these locations a known good scan can only be obtained when everything is apparently working fine, even then, some problems can still be found. The NFPA, National Fire Protection Association, says that all businesses should have a thermal scan every year.

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